How does SEO and Content marketing Fit Together?

Both SEO and content marketing are the essential tools of the online marketer. Deep Bhardwaj SEO expert  uses both the marketing techniques to gather more customers for the business. Content Marketing and SEO are two sides of the same coin which when used wisely can create a successful marketing campaign for your business. 

The Difference

SEO refers to the technical process by which a website improves its ranking and overall traffic. On the other hand, content marketing is about writing valuable and informative content for the people so that they get to know about your products and services. SEO goal is to get more conversion for business while content marketing is about educating people beside the promotion of the business. While SEO uses different techniques to target the audience, content marketing is vast and more holistic.

If you want the best of the online marketing strategies, then it’s important that you devise an integrated marketing plan with includes both. Content is vital for the success of SEO. That’s where they come together. For a successful marketing strategy, both are equally important for a business to thrive.

1.    SEO keywords

Most crucial techniques used in SEO is keywords research. The most relevant keywords and phrases are used for a website. This is done so that a site could rank higher in the search engine results. The keyword is used appropriately to make the best of the SEO strategy. 

How do SEO experts use the keywords to get search engine rankings ? Here comes the content in which the keywords are used. This is called content marketing which makes the use of the researched keywords throughout the content. It consists of creating unique and top-notch content written for the people. This not only helps in search engine ranking but also helps in improving the traffic of a website. 

To make the best of content marketing in SEO, wisely use the keywords. For that, include your primary keyword in the first 100-200 words of the content. You can also use the keywords in H1 or H2 tags. Use the different variation of your keywords throughout the content. One thing to remember is that don’t stuff your content with too many keywords. It will affect the ranking adversely. If you use both things right, then it will provide you with good results. 

Also, fresh content gets rapidly indexed and improve the ranking of a website. 

2.    Backlinks in SEO

Another essential technique used in SEO is called link building or backlinks. Link building is done to increase the domain authority of a website. The domain authority can be increased by creating original and quality content. The best to build quality backlinks is to publish good content on the reputed sites like articles and blogs and let them link back to your website. The only way to get the excellent quality of backlinks is to provide readers with fresh content with which they want to link back too. 


Both SEO and content marketing are the continuous process. You can achieve a good SERP with only search engine optimisation. They cannot work separately. Take the benefit of both the strategy to create killer marketing techniques for your business. Deep Bhardwaj SEO expert knows how both work together to help your business to reach new heights. 

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